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Our clutch release bearing is the first bearing that is truly compatible with the clutch, due to its patented variable contact raceway geometry. This unique variable contact design leads to maximum speeds at maximum loads, high wear resistance for longer service life, as well as minimum noise and vibration.

The product utilizes a self-aligning design. This allows the product to be able to control clutch conditions associated with the misalignment of driveline components. The product also comes with a unique sealing system that keeps contaminants out and grease in. It has been proven to perform well in heavy-duty or modern four- and five-speed transmissions.

Item Product Ref No.
1 Clutch Release Bearing Specifications: SKF-VKC2201
2 Specifications: VKC2240
3 Specifications: 2041.14 PEUGEOT 404/504/505
4 Specifications: 646466726
5 Specifications: VKC3507 FCR54-46-2/2E 54TKE3602A RCT363SA 54SCRN042P FCR54-2/2E FCR54-10/2E
6 More ...... More ......

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Our clutch release bearing helps to smoothly control the separation and engagement between the gearbox and the engine when the user steps on the clutch pedal, so as to achieve the effect of cutting and transmitting vehicle power. The quality of this product has a significant impact on the smooth start and shift of an automobile, and is also related to the life of the clutch and car. For the driver and car maintenance personnel, a high quality product also reduces troubles for regular installation and replacement of the clutch. This series of product is characterized by flexible motion. In addition, it also has the advantages of relatively strong shock resistance, small wear and tear after long-term use, as well as low noise. Available in SKF-VKC2201 and other specifications, the product can match a variety of cars.

As a specialized clutch release bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, POWER MOTO also provides angular contact ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing, low metallic brake pad, and engine spark plug, among others.

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