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The bearing is an important component used to fasten or reduce friction in mechanical drive. It comes in a variety of sizes, and can be installed in different mechanical structure. Our product generally has sufficient radial and axial load capacity, as well as lubrication property. Among the wide product range, some models have been improved in design to withstand greater force or apply to high-speed occasion.

The deep groove ball bearing is a commonly used one with simple structure. The miniature type can achieve high speed. The angular contact type can flexibly adjust the load-carrying capacity in accordance with the change in contact position. In addition, the wheel hub bearing can play the role of the load bearing and wheel guiding. The clutch release type can effectively control the delivery of vehicle power. The needle bearing has a relatively small outer diameter while bearing the same load. Hence, users can select the appropriate product according to their specific demands.

As a professional bearings manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide various types of spark plugs and brake pads such as engine spark plug, motorcycle spark plug, clutch release bearing, and miniature ball bearing.

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