Low Metallic Brake Pad

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Low Metallic Brake Pad

1. The ceramic brake pad is very environment friendly, as it generates no noise and no dust.
2. This formula reduces heat generation, making the product cool down quickly.
3. With good anti-corrosion property, it also contributes to improved wheel esthetics.
4. The product comes with high disc thickness variation (DTV) performance.
5. It is removed from judder and mechanical failure.

1. Due to high friction performance, the low-metallic brake pad can meet the high-heat and high-speed needs.
2. It utilizes OE style constraint layer shims that the friction can stand even with high performance.
3. The product achieves a high coefficient of friction.

1. The non-asbestos friction lining features low dust, less noise, long service life, high friction performance, and high temperature resistance.
2. Customers can choose according to their specific requirements. This is supported by our various series formula.
3. We always provide customers with high quality auto parts of competitive price.
4. Please contact us to get our catalogue and quotation.

The low metallic brake pad is produced combing with our rich experience in this field. With less metal content, it is much cheaper compared to the semi-metallic one. The pedal itself is also more portable, so the user can easily realize vehicle deceleration or braking by a small treading force. In use, it produces relatively low sound and low dust. However, its stability and durability is lower than the semi-metallic one in the long-term use. Hence, users can choose the right friction lining according to their driving habits and driving distance.

POWER MOTO is a specialized low metallic brake pad manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include semi-metallic brake pad, car spark plug, deep groove ball bearing, miniature ball bearing, and more.

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