Ceramic Brake Pad

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Ceramic Brake Pad

The ceramic brake pad is composed of ceramic fiber, non-ferrous filler material, adhesive, and other materials. With high friction coefficient, the product can provide short braking distance, as well as driving safety and comfort. As brakes will produce high-temperature in the friction surface due to high-speed rotation, the friction material of this product needs to be ensured with a good thermal stability. The product also has good resistance to high temperature, and stable braking performance.

Containing no metal components, and no hard points in the friction surface, the ceramic brake pad will reduce wear rate and not scratch the brake disc, coming with low braking noise. In addition, it doesn't corrode wheel hubs, and can be used for a long time. The powder produced by friction will be taken away by the wind with the movement of the vehicle, and will not be adhered to the hub to affect the appearance. Currently, this product has found wide applications in vehicles.

POWER MOTO is a professional ceramic brake pad manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including low metallic brake pad, deep groove ball bearing, motorcycle spark plug, hydraulic shock absorber, and more.

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