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Oil Filter

The oil filter can be commonly found in the lubrication system in the engine. It can remove contaminants from engine oil for better lubrication of elements, so as to further prevent premature wear and ensure highly efficient operation of the engine. All our products are manufactured with high quality materials, so as to meet OE quality. Characterized by high cleaning performance and long service life, this competitive product can meet customers' different requirements.

When connected to the channel for oiling, the oil filter can successfully remove dust, metal particles and other sediments in the engine oil, so as to enhance the oil quality. The product can guarantee good oil lubrication after the oil enters the engine, and avoid parts wear and clogging of the oil line caused by impurities. It uses the filter paper that is higher than other oil filtration equipment in quality. This helps to ensure sufficient oil flow and high filtering efficiency in the case of the dramatic changes of the oil temperature. What's more, the tightness of the product is also very good, so that oil leakage phenomenon does not occur after long-term use.

Our company is a China-based oil filter manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as fuel filter, angular contact ball bearing, low metallic brake pad, and motorcycle spark plug.

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