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Fuel Filter

A fuel filter can be commonly found in the internal combustion engine that assists in filtering paint chips, small pebbles, dirt and other harmful contaminants in the fuel. As an important vehicle component, it also comprises several parts which aid in performing its intended function. A filtering media is enclosed in a high-pressure canister that serves as the primary construction. The product can also be equipped with threaded clamps or special fittings, so as to ensure a strong link to the fuel system.

The engine system is generally comprised by hundreds of quickly moving parts, which ensure high precision. However, its optimum performance may be affected by invading contaminants that mostly come from a contaminated engine fuel. As long as an unfiltered fuel enters the engine system, engine components may be worn rapidly. As a result, the product has been widely regarded as one of the most indispensable parts in vehicles.

In order to guarantee proper working of the vehicle, this component should be well maintained. It is necessary to examine the product once in a while. A clogged fuel filter can limit the flow of fuel from your electric fuel pump that would cause the vehicle to break down. For purpose of preventing this from happening, the stock fuel filter had better be replaced every 2 years, or after every 24,000 miles of driving.

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