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Air Filter

Our air filter is made with high quality filter media and under the controlled manufacturing process. This air filtration equipment is usually positioned in the air-intake system to remove dust, dirt and soot particles from the intake air, thereby reducing wear of the engine and preventing impairment of sensitive electronic components.

The air filter is a piece of equipment for air purification. It can filter off the dust and the solid impurity after separating them from the air, but has no effect on the gaseous oil and water. This air purifier can be used in workshop, factory and laboratory. It is especially suitable to be used near electrical machinery and communication equipment that have high requirements on dust prevention, thereby ensuring long-term proper functioning of these precision instruments. Users that want to improve air quality in the home can also purchase the product as a home depot air purifier.

As a specialized air filter manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide V-ribbed belt, low metallic brake plug, deep groove ball bearing, gas-filled single tube shock absorber, and motorcycle spark plug, among others.

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